Source & Design

PortalDesigns is one of only a few businesses in Toronto that reclaim discarded materials and upcycle them into quality products. We source old, solid wood doors that are destined for landfill, remove the degraded finish and add components that give them a new life as stylish, contemporary furniture. Each piece we make is designed around the unique qualities of the wood components and is customized to our client's tastes.


Our pieces can be sold individually, however they make beautiful living room sets with a unique story.  For businesses interested in promoting a culture of sustainability, sets designed for an office lounge or waiting room make a big impact on employees and clients alike.


To optimize the historic materials, some unusual pieces have been created, including this 7 foot wall shelf ...

... and business cardholders. 

A few additional inspirations have come along the way, such as the candle holder, made from leftover copper pieces.

Not keen on the look of standard copper?  

We are currently exploring copper finishes processed in sustainable ways to offer more variety bounded by the same philosophy.  Our operations are Bullfrog Powered so emissions from energy used are offset and therefore carbon neutral.


Our policy is to only use components that can be returned to existing recycling streams, offering our clients an alternative to sending the pieces to landfill, should the time come that they no longer want them.