Tables for you ... until you don't want them.


PortalDesigns operates along the principles of Circular Economy.  All the materials in our pieces pre-existed in other forms before coming together in this furniture and all will continue to exist beyond their current configuration.  We would prefer that their next existence is NOT as landfill. Our intention therefore is to minimize the likelihood of our products ending up in landfill and have chosen the materials with this in mind.

To encourage a better future existence, we at PortalDesigns would like to: 

  • Accept our furniture back in any condition at any point in the future. 
  • Provide a full money back guarantee for six months from the date of purchase of the product, provided there has been no material change or damage to the product. 
  • After 6 months from your date of purchase we will provide the current value of the components (recycle value for copper & hardware, price of glass top) for return of the product. 
  • Fully warranty the material and workmanship of the copper.  In the case of breaks or bends under regular use we will repair with appropriate components.  However, due to variations in batches of copper and aging of the finish, we cannot match the finish of the repaired or replaced pieces to the furniture. 

We are not able to warranty:

  • The finish of the copper components.  The copper is in a natural state and therefore WILL age naturally (change in appearance through oxidation: darken & eventually turn green).  Therefore there is no warranty for the appearance of the copper.   Any products that come in contact with the copper (water, cleaners, chemicals, etc.) will hasten the change in its appearance.  It is possible to use a solution of lemon juice and table salt to recover the original copper sheen, but we cannot warranty the results. 
  • The glass.  However we can source replacement pieces. Your product has standard glass, unless you have placed a special order.  Annealed and tempered glass are available by special order at a premium.
  • The wood components, as upcycled products are unique.