End of Life

Published: October 26, 2015 on Linkedin

I believe that our biggest obstacle is changing our perspective. Once our perspective has changed many solutions that fit the new paradigm are found. The processes for how we design, manufacture and have materials flow through our lives become consistent with sustainable practices once a new perspective has been adopted.

Perhaps the most identifiable characteristic of humans, that differentiates us from the rest of the order of Primates, is the waste we leave in our wake; a reflection of human culture. Archaeology is the study and reconstruction of our past cultures from this unique remnant of groupings of people.

Modernization of civilization has been achieved by effectively removing this debris from our sight. We call it waste for very good evolutionary reasons; it is disgusting, it is a health threat, and therefore it is a taboo to be disposed of. However, as we are crossing planetary boundaries of once stable systems - the nitrogen cycle, biodiversity loss, and atmospheric chemistry changes causing climate change, changing our paradigm is necessary and critical.

Election Day

Published: October 19, 2015 on Linkedin

It is election day in Canada.  Perhaps 50% of us will find our way to the ballot box, many with the conviction that tomorrow may bring the onset of catastrophe, or salvation.  There are arguments in both directions, but that is not my conversation today.

Every day is election day. Every day you make the choices that drive our economic system.  Politics is a part, but only a part.  You vote with your dollars for the products and services that make business ideas, strategies, and systems economically viable.  There are many candidates, and they provide strikingly different platforms.